Sunday, November 28, 2010

The No Name Cocktail

Couldn't think of what to call this one, so it's the No Name Cocktail.

Nothing wrong with anonymity, to judge by the ubiquitous presence of Anons who haunt the internet chat-sites and blog-sites. Anonymity is an honorable estate, established in the shadowy realms of the culture's annals, and still thriving and free after four centuries of use in English--derived, like so many other words and their roots--from the Greek.

Here's how:

Ingredients (by proportion, as usual):

4 parts white rum
1 part Anisette
1 part Cointreau
2 parts fresh lemon juice

--shaken hard with ice and served UP, (of course).

In this season of thanksgiving and good markets, it's well to remember that the best gifts are given anonymously, through charity, not for self-aggrandizement and recognition, but for the sheer virtue of having done so. It's good for the soul!


J said...


Not oatmeal, Sir F. eh.

Then, Cointreau str8 in a sniffer or ice works too.

Anonymous said...

"-shaken hard with ice and served UP (of course)."

definitely a beautiful girl... call 'her' by her real name: