Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Good Sport - in the Spirit of Fair Play

Each of us needs to remember to be flexible in the face of practical jokes or good-natured ribbing, once in a while. If you've suffered an embarrassment or some small shame, it's usually best to shake it off with a smile or a shrug of resignation. I made this cocktail up on the fly last week at a favorite tavern, and the name for it popped into my head, for some reason. Such things have no practical explanation.

Anyway, here's the recipe.

3 Parts Gold Rum (preferably a little aged, with some character)
1 Part Green Chartreuse (not the Yellow)
1 Part Fresh-Squeezed Lemon juice

Shaken well and served up, with a twisting garnish of lemon peel if desired.

It's simple, but often the simplest mixtures are best.

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J said...

Looks tasty. Simpler--Bac. 151 and like 7-up. Limon if they're around (or shot o grenadine when you got a pricey putain). That said, hard booze be from Babylon, sir F. Real hipsters imbibe vino, mostly (ruby porto)--save rum/wodka/gin for the lost summer weekends and
SeƱora Desconocida. And pour the hick's beer into the streets