Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Ice Flower

No two snowflakes are ever exactly alike--or so the scientists tell us. If the universe is infinite, though, wouldn't it be possible that there could be an exact duplicate, right down to the last molecule of structure? The odds may seem staggering, but in stellar time, it's just an eye-blink.

In any case, here is a new drink mix I named the Ice Flower. Ice flowers, or frost flowers, are created during frost conditions when the ground is still warm and plants exude liquid which forms "flowers"--very delicate.

But I think of a "flower" of ice as a snowflake. This is a real photograph of a snowflake. Snowflakes are among nature's most ingenious creations.

This drink has a delightful "frozen flower" sensation which is enhanced if you strain ice fragments into it.

3 parts white rum
1 part Galliano liqueur
1 teaspoon Fernet Branca
dash of fresh lemon juice

Shaken very vigorously and served up. Lemon peel garnish if you like. Skoal! It's Winter!

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