Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Diver - New Summer Concoction

There is something euphoric about deep sea diving. Just watching footage of divers descending gracefully through the semi-obscurity of tidal pools and kelp beds seems a graceful dreamy experience, time slowed down, movement made mellifluous.

Though I've never dived, only snorkeled briefly in the Cook Islands, I can appreciate this feeling vicariously, in a way our ancestors could never have done, prior to the development of photography, or underwater photography, and video technology.

In the spirit of Summer and Surf, here is a mid-season concoction sure to please the overheated brain-pan.

The ingredients, as usual by proportion:

3 Parts Bacardi 8 rum
2 Parts melon liquor (Marie Brizard Watermelon)
1 Part Limoncello
1 Part fresh squeezed lemon juice

Shaken with ice and served up. Lemon peel garnish if desired.

This cocktail has an exceedingly smooth and seductive mouth-feel, sweet without being cloying. The combination of rum and watermelon is classic, of course. The separation of the lemon into liquor and fresh (acidic) preserves a balance, just enough to moderate the overall sweetness. Think of a spa on a warm summer evening. Half submerged in the tub, with a glass of this in one hand, you'll be transported. Perhaps to the gliding semi-murk of dreamy depths, exotic semi-tropical climes, other places, other times.

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