Friday, June 23, 2017

Blue Bayou

Channel 9.1 (KQED) had a Roy Orbison concert reprise last night (we'd seen it before), in which he's accompanied by Bruce Springsteen, among others. Some way into the set, he did Blue Bayou, a song I was surprised to learn he'd actually written (and released on August 1st, 1963, according to Wikipedia).

It's a beautiful song, redolent of the rock-n-blues-y Southern tradition Orbison came out of, and a perfect vehicle for his high-pitched, plaintive voice.


Earlier in the evening, I had tried a new cocktail mix, actually a slight variation on a standard recipe.

Two Parts Myers Dark Rum
1 part limoncello
1 part fresh lemon juice
1 part Mandarin Napoleon orange liqeuer

Served over ice and lightly stirred. Very seductive.

And in retrospect, it seemed the perfect accompaniment to the music we later heard. 

The slow, unhurried, submissive, passionate, fatalistic, decadent, suffering, delight in the inevitability of transient love and regret.