Sunday, October 3, 2021



In the continuing crusade to provide our customers with constantly improving service options, we're announcing today a new program designed to deliver goods to you at unprecedented speed. Whereas before, customers might hope to receive their orders within 72 hours, or even the next day (!), we're now offering them delivery of items BEFORE THEY ORDER THEM!!! 

That's right, customers who choose the Pre-Order option will begin to receive goods pre-selected for them, based on their consolidated internet profile !! And the best part? They don't even need to place an order, since the orders will be shipped automatically, at pre-set intervals ! 

Here's how to sign up: Go to our AMAZOOM Homepage, and click on the red "Pre-Order" hot button. All you need to do to activate your account, is to sign the privileges and obligations page, and push send ! Your credit card account will be automatically migrated from your updated account profile. There'll be a few simple additional questions regarding the median price-range and frequency request. Then, once we've approved your application, you'll begin receiving parcels immediately, and your credit card will be automatically charged, without your having to take any additional actions ! 

In the past, online customers had to go through the laborious and time-consuming process of scrolling through endless lists and irritating advertisements, to actually locate the things they want. Now, all that is in the past ! Now, your pre-selected items will be automatically selected for you, based on your digital profile, and we GUARANTEE SATISFACTION !! If for any reason you decide you don't want the item, simply go online, and fill out the special Pre-Set Declination form.