Sunday, August 2, 2009

SF Stifles Big Philly Bats as SF Takes 3 of 4

The Giants took three out of four from the visiting world champion Phillies this weekend, and put them on notice that things are by no means settled, either in the NL West or the NL East. Great pitching nearly always overcomes great hitting, and this series was the best proof of that. Time after time, the big Philly sluggers came up with men in scoring position, and time after time they were stymied. Perhaps a few of their long fly balls might have been cheap homers in their toy home ballpark, but it's a level playing field, baby. Our guys did it with our signature "ground game" spanking singles through the infield, and finding the gaps in the long alleys of Pac Bell Park. The Phillies only win came behind new acquisition Cliff Lee. 

Wow. It sure felt good to kick their butts!   

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Kirby Olson said...

Phillies are in a slump.

Tonight they're getting beat by the Colorado Rockies. 6th inning and it's 8-4, I think, last time I checked.

I'm in Philly doing research at the Marianne Moore archives. It's muggy, but not too hot. The bugs sing all night, and the birds all day out in suburban Gladwyne. Spent the afternoon at IKEA (kids eat for free all week), and at the King of Prussia mall (Barnes and Nobles has a neat book on the history of what could have been -- a chapter on what would have happened had Luther been whacked at the Diet of Wurms -- America would not have been Protestant, and the world would never have had a moral leader, according to the author).