Sunday, March 21, 2010

Downhill Racer - Cool Clean & Bracing

Green cocktails may suggest cooler climes, or tropical ones. Maybe green is an indeterminate color? 
One of my favorite writers--though he long ago got out of the screen writing business, for reasons of, as he has often put it, self-preservation--is James Salter. Better known now as a stylish short story writer and novelist, his most notable effort as a screen writer was Downhill Racer [1969], a Robert Redford vehicle, adapted from the novel by Oakley Hall. It also starred Gene Hackman, as his coach (a familiar type of role for Hackman), and the coolly seductive Camilla Sparv as the love interest. Redford played the typical American skier, talented but beset with temptations and distractions which threatened his performance.
In any case, here's a drink inspired by the snowy slopes and alpine air, a drink to summon the freshness of a cold morning of skiing.
Ingredients - by proportion:
4 Parts Gin
2 Parts Midori 
1 Part Anisette
1 Part fresh lime juice
Garnish: Option lime slice
Shaken hard and served up in a frosty cocktail glass.      

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