Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Stephen Hough's Performance of Mompou's Jeunes Filles au Jardin

Here's a placeholder in the procession of more ambitious blog entries. En passant, the British-Australian classical pianist, Stephen Hough, played Mompou's Jeunes Filles au Jardin (from the suite Scenes d'Enfants, 1915-1918) as an encore to a Rachmaninoff piano concerto, which is available here-- you have iTunes or a similar music software on board.

I once read that Mompou was coveted by European virtuosos as the quintessential encore composer, and this is a perfect example. Music like this can bring tears to your eyes, evoking of the dams of emotion that build up behind unconscious memories or remorse.


Note: I misquoted the URL for the piece referenced in today's blog. The correct URL is Sorry. -CF


jh said...

that sort of intimacy in music is debased a bit on computer speakers

it's almost like you have to be near a real piano for this music
it must touch the skin
not just the ear

i spent a good while studying SUITE COMPOSTELANA for guitar
a dreamy delightful work

as a matter of fact
i'm going to go back to it
very soon
i have a beautiful classical guitar in my studio

that hough guy has chops
no doubt aboudit



Curtis Faville said...


Sorry! I misquoted the URL.

The correct one is

Even better than the one I linked before.