Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cara Carleton Sneed

Carly Fiorina      

I’m Jack   

& up 
  Flips my lid   

 Out of me   

 On a spring   


  HA! HA!   

  HA! HA!   

   HA! HA!*   

 Bitch is Dead!   

 Bitch is Dead!   

   Bitch is Dead!”**


*Spoken in the voice of Woody the Woodpecker @
**Spoken in the voices of the Munchkins of The Wizard of Oz


Kirby Olson said...


Curtis Faville said...


So were the Marx Brothers.

J said...


No on the Carly-bot. Some of these neo-con political femmes resemble something from a sci-fi flick really: imagine their humanoid face removed, exposing the circuitry underneath.

Carly Fiorina nee Sneeds's the daughter of a Federal judge, one of Nixon's cronies. And alum of Leland $teinford U.

Kirby Olson said...

She will win.

J said...

That Fiorina actually appeals to a large chunk of californians amazes me. No love have I for Boxer, either, but... Fiorina's appeal offers pretty clear evidence of ... one hesitates to use the F-word..but a nearly-fascist element prevalent among CA WASPs (though quite a few hispanics are supporting CF as well). Not really brownshirteded sort of f-ism, but perhaps something like the Peronistas---Evita Fiorina. The polls show CF trailing Boxer by only a few points--but if she were to win... Cali police state y'all.

Satire--whether blogs, columnists, or TV -- barely works anymore. Corporate supported satire ala SNL, prime time or the Comedy Show, etc may carry some weight but I think it's generally popular among college educated suburban liberals. The Heartland's a bit too....raw and sanguine for satire, whether Swift, or SNL. Heartlanders watch Beck/Palin rallies, go to sunday school, and consider anyone to the left of Sarah P. a demonic collectivist, or something.

HL Mencken knew the score on the Merican animal

J said...

yr not actually supporting Fiorina, that piece of corporate scheisse from Steinford, are you Sir F? Yr humor's not always so easy to decipher. Actually Boxer's hardly superior. Best just not to vote--on that Jezuss, the Boodha, and HL Mencken would probably agree.

(I also posted something earlier.Not sure if you saw it.)