Monday, November 1, 2010

The Hiatus

My apologies for not maintaining the pace of contributions over the last week. 

Two things--the Giants World Series appearance--and my labor in downloading over two thousand comment contributions to Silliman's Blog--have kept me plenty busy.

But, never fear, there are several new essays in the pipeline--on poetry, painting, photography--which I'm looking forward to finishing and posting.

Go Giants!  Three down, one to go for the Championship!!! 


Kirby Olson said...

That was an enormous labor. I imagine I should have done it, too, but was too busy. Now he's closed it again.

Let a hundred flowers bloom!

Anonymous said...

Over 2,000 comments? You should be embarrassed.

Curtis Faville said...


I'm considering blocking all anonymous comments in future, so you better get your licks in soon, just in case.

J said...

two thousand comment contributions to Silliman's Blog--

About a 100 x mine (not counting the 20 he blocked or deleted). Maybe a chapbook's in order, Sir F! Contributions to Silliman's Blog--

S-man's an arrogant old hobo. His ....bogus generosity--""I will open an envelope for.. one week, but UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will ANY new comments be accepted, yada yada"--revealed his typical control freak BS. I wager he gets under 50 readers a day now, just the usual eastcoast lit-goombas

Kirby Olson said...

It's like voting in Myanmar. Open for three minutes at midnight on the 7th. But hey, there was a period of glasnost. Let a hundred flowers bloom. Then we were all dismissed as not politically correct, and sent into the gulags. Geez, for a while I actually thought I was somewhat approved of as a person, and then suddenly, Off With Their Heads.

I don't know why he couldn't leave the comments open for a while and just turn off new comments.

Whatever. Let's just hope they never control the country with their enlightened views.

jh said...

i tuned in to see who won the world series last night and already it had been forgotten i went through all the channels even the sports channels and nothing nothing nobody cared- anti climax with a bang- an hour later something came up on one of the sports channels some overpayed babblers in suits yapping about what was in a mood of fading excitement
and today it's get out and vote
who remembers the giants

the violence of football has established precedence in the national sports bar how can a thinking man's game even compare
and what's more
basketball is kicking in again
it's all a mixed up mess of distraction

the final game of the world series should be on sept 20...end of summer

more double headers
more day games with paid leave during the week for workers
everyone on the team who wants to play get's to play every day there's a game

here's to you curtis
here's to frisco
i hope you're not going to be drunk now for the next week
lost in some alcoholic fog and weeping and shit

hey did you save any of my comments
are they worth anything??

silliman did at least get a broadbased discussion about poetry going..and we all know who jessica jones is now or is that brittany smith
i can never remember

eras are over in 10 minutes now


Kirby Olson said...

It's funny how Silliman worded it though. He told us we could retrieve our "precious" comments at a time of his choosing. His words of course are meant to stand forever.

Why does anybody still put up with the left?