Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hard to Get - the Seductive New Mix

Elusive conversationalists may give the impression of being distracted, or of not being fully comfortable with the situation. Not every interaction is an overture, but there's always the undercurrent of suspicion. Sometimes there's just the subtlest hint of insinuation in the tone, sometimes it's just the natural beauty of the voice. Who can say?

I always liked the description someone once made of Katherine Anne Porter's prose: "She has the look of the runaway in her eye." Clever way of putting it.

An elusive flavor which is difficult to put your finger on, may be like a feeling which is not quite come to consciousness. This drink is a little like that. The ingredients are straightforward enough, but the sense of something lurking behind the obvious flavors is unmistakeable.

That's part of what can make a cocktail interesting, and satisfying. Not obvious. Not easy. Just a little hard to get. Just a little half-promise of delight and mystery under the inertia of the moment.

Ingredients by proportion:

3 Parts No. 10 Tanqueray Gin
2 Parts Aperol
1 Part Créme de Bananae
1 Part Fresh Sweet Lime Juice
1 Part Fresh Lemon Juice

Shaken in the usual way and served up, with a little fragment of lemon or lime wedge (you decide).

It's meltingly seductive, but just a little ambiguous.

Happy hunting.

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