Thursday, March 22, 2012


Chance is
delicious--as the


of enamel


set into
of motion

by force
of habit--




Sunny West said...

Very nice! delicious and vicious...who would have thought???
Beautiful image too!

Joseph said...

Please at least credit my images if you are going to use them, thanks.

Image by Joseph Smith

Curtis Faville said...


Ordinarily, I wouldn't reply in the Comments stream, but I have no other way of reaching you, since you didn't include your e.mail address--and I could find none on Flicker.

I found this image on Google Images, and never drilled down to see where it might have come from.

Whenever I put something up on the Web, I just assume that it's part of the public's appropriation, and that it will be used and stolen and shared willy-nilly. Your Flicker file says nothing about copyright.

If you want the image removed, I'm happy to do it, since there are other images I could find.

Just say the word.

Joseph said...

Image copyright exists, whether it is expressly written or not, to the original photographer.
However, you can find the copyright symbol on the Flickr page I have linked to, at the bottom right of the page. I don't like putting copyright watermarks on my photos as they just ruin them.

I'm not concerned about you using the photo on your blog, but if you could please credit it as shown below that would be super:

Image by Joseph Smith