Thursday, July 3, 2014

The New Wave of Illegals Choking our Immigration System

News reports over the last two weeks have corroborated the rumors of the massive recent influx of illegals streaming across the southern borders into the U.S. 

For the first time, these have included large numbers of children--estimates range from 50,000 to as many as 170,000 since the beginning of the year--some being brought by their parents, others as young as age 8-12, arriving unaccompanied. 

The arrivals have been sneaking across weak points in the border security line, often in remote, desert country where there is no water or cover. 

Because of the enormous numbers involved, our border security and homeland security forces have been taxed well beyond their capacity. 

And because our laws prevent us from deporting such minors expeditiously, border authorities have taken the unprecedented step of simply sending these new illegals to holding facilities across the U.S.

Since there is no way the illegals can be legally processed, they are given notices to appear in U.S. immigration courts, but reliable reports are that as many as 90% of them never show up for their appointments. 

Illegals are being bussed to these temporary facilities, from which they are then released "on their own recognizance" to disappear into the society. 

Border security agents have reported that this new wave of illegal movement is happening because the word is out in Mexico, Central and South America that a new cycle of amnesty is going to occur, and that this is the time to make a run for the border.

Apologists for the illegals cite political and economic reasons for this new wave, but these are the same rationalizations we've been hearing for 20 years--that the kids are poor, are homeless, have no employment prospects, have been abandoned, have relatives in the U.S., are politically at risk in their own countries, are the victims of crime, etc. 

But the plain fact is that they have been told to come here by relatives or friends because this is their best hope to attain U.S. residency and eventual citizenship. 

Our neighbor nations to the south--Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, etc.--clearly aren't taking care of business, and are even unofficially encouraging people to resettle in America. The pipeline northward through Mexico has become a deluge, all with the blessing and approbation of the Mexican government. 

Our national immigration policy was supposed to have established a secure border, making it harder than ever to enter our country illegally. But clearly that hasn't happened, as countless more "coyotes"--criminal "guides" leading groups across--have sprung up. 

Americans are being persuaded to take in these new illegals as "foster" children, in preference to big detention centers which are little better than low security prisons. 

President Obama has asked Congress to authorize two billion dollars in funds to care for all these new immigrants, and to "beef up" the border security force. 

We keep hearing on the media that America needs to address the "broken immigration system" and institute a new wave of amnesty, while stemming the tide of new illegals crossing the border. The so-called "Gang of Eight" senators have introduced legislation that would "streamline" the road to citizenship for all the 11 million illegals living within our borders, while doing little to improve actual security. The media have reported that Americans "support" immigration reform, though the truth is that Americans really want the problem to go away, and to stop having to deal with the continuing influx.

Our federal government has turned away from the problem illegals create in this country, and now the Obama Administration's policies and public sentiments have sent a message that amnesty and relaxed enforcement will happen, whether or not the Congress moves to solve the problem. The illegals get the message, and they're coming as fast as their legs can carry them. 

Americans are tired of this crap. These people need to be deported, expeditiously and without fuss. This goes well beyond reasonable appeals to common decency and humanitarian principles. 

Enough is enough. Do we want immigration reform? You bet. Send them home!  


WendyH said...

Here is an interesting article on Bush vs Obama "deportations.

As with so many issues, how the government defines things, how the media reports them, and how we the people understand those definitions makes all the difference.

Personally, I have difficulty with seeing the younger children in the holding facilities. Moreover, I wonder where the churches/synagogues/mosques are to help feed and clothe them, even if they will be sent back to their country of origin.

Curtis Faville said...


Thanks for your comment.

Yes, but they keep coming. Using kids to spearhead a family refugee move is effective. It's a little like mothers pushing their baby carriages in front of them as they jaywalk across a four lane street. No one wants to hurt the baby, but it doesn't change the fact that the mother is breaking the law, and doing so deliberately by using the "children" as cover.

Once one arrives, then there's a domicile, to which all the other family members can then attach. So-called "reunification" actions.

Appeals to our sympathy. But the fact is there are a million stories of hardship. Can we individually, or as a nation, really solve them? If Guatemala spends only 3% of GDP on health, education and welfare, how does that necessarily imply that we must bear the burden of their irresponsibility?

Conrad DiDiodato said...

"Personally, I have difficulty with seeing the younger children in the holding facilities. Moreover, I wonder where the churches/synagogues/mosques are to help feed and clothe them, even if they will be sent back to their country of origin."

Good question, Wendy.

Perhaps Cardinal Dolan should spend more time with the "least of these my brethren" than influential Democrats in Congress.

Ed Baker said...

This just in this morning's Washington Times (7/11/2014)

I recall as though it was yesterday when this reverend... what was his name:
Sun Young Moon

founded this newspaper....

seems to me that he and his Moonies were pretty right-wing...and reactionary...