Sunday, May 31, 2009

Southern Belle - Here's the Recipe !

**Spoiler Alert**    **Spoiler Alert**

For those averse to alcohol or dead set against the evils of demon drink, exit now or forever zip closed your fly! 

While the taste is still swirling around my consciousness, here's my latest prurient concoction from the zinc bar:

In the coming Summer months, when the heat overcomes the temperate moderations, here's a respite for the weary mind or soul, in need of relief from wayward degrees of calorie. 

The Southern Belle:

(By proportion)

3 shots of Kentucky Bourbon
2 shots of Galliano
1 shot of peach Schnapps
Juice of one lemon
Juice of one wedge of orange

Shaken hard and served up in an iced cocktail glass.

This is bound to seduce your sensibility. 

Conversation is sure to follow, solving the entangled knots of political dissension, or titillating the libido with thoughts of possible adventure.

Wife and I had planned to go to Spain this Spring, then cancelled on account of prior commitments to fulfill an editing job for a large university press. But, perusing the color plates of a large coffee-table book on the French Quarter, reawakened our memories of New Orleans, and hence the summons to a sweet Bourbon mixture in keeping with our joint inspiration.

Beware the power of nostalgia! 

Ennui and fond evocation!  



Anonymous said...

and I betcha that that book
y'all are editing is

speaking of

"beware of nostalgia" IS
gonna bring a few tears

and open a few eyes POW!
maybe for the first time?

well today's the day Fiat owns Chrysler and we the gov't/the people are paying the bill!

jh said...

not averse to drink or demons
i cavort on occasion
but my tastes and my digestive system have necessarily been constrained
so wine is the limit
i prefer high end quality
but given my humble state
i drink what's served
never liked mixed drinks
save for the occasional
ginandtonic on a hot summers's day
my preference was always
for straight whiskey
single malt was the thing for awhile
before my constitution went through
an ammendment process
i guess this is one of the
pleasures of the flesh
i must forever forego



Kirby Olson said...

I think iced tea is my limit. Sometimes I put in a sprig of mint, but that seems excessive.

Honestly I don't know why you wouldn't go to Spain.

Readiness enough depends on

Bless (attend) as

well as you can the


I see that eigner did go out for sandwiches, but did he drink? No sing of it in the volume I'm reading (a lot more variety than I thought -- he's very curious and perceptive, and he reads like crazy)

June 9 94

As a street sign says

Good sandwich

-- you bet

Actually a good poet, better than I ever thought. I'll order the book for my library.