Thursday, July 8, 2010

Clear Sailing - A Kool Knew Kocktail

Yacht racing is about the top of the line for expensive sport. Equestrian Polo is up there, but I think yachting is a very rich man's game. Who can play? Larry Ellison.  
For the rest of us, we can read about it over drinks.   

One of the pleasures of living in the Bay Area, is getting to watch sailboats on the Bay--particularly on weekends. I've never been out, but I know people who do. They come back with dark tans and partially bleached hair. It's a bracing, invigorating pursuit. Better be a good swimmer. 

You don't need any lessons to mix this one; it's a snap.  
By proportion--

5 parts straight vodka
1/2 part orgeat (almond syrup)
1/2 part Goldschlager (cinnamon flavor)
3/4 part fresh lime juice
3/4 part fresh lemon juice
--shaken slowly and served straight up in chilled cocktail glasses.
It has a delicate sweetness that is nothing short of sexy, like the wicked smile of someone you have no resistance against. 
Here's the America Cup cup. Big deal....  

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J said...

--The pleasure craft off North beach don't seem so beautiful, really (like from Mt Tam on a clear day....once every few years)--nearly have some of us reaching for our cliffsnotes to the Little Red Book. As does the shystery Ellison--who dropped out of his college like his third semester, after completing a course in BASIC (Stevie McJobs had a bit less edumakation). Lest we forget, immediately after 9-11, Ellison had his techies design a cyber-ID card, approved by Dame Feinstein, which would have entailed checkpoints set up across CA. No cyber ID card (with like DNA, retinal scans, bio-info, etc), and yr whisked off to Oraclewitz...

--Oaktown ..puerco Mehserle walked more or less, on involuntary manslaughter Im not down with o-town gangsters, but that was NOT Murder. Perhaps not 187, but he should be down for...25+ years (or maybe he's insane, and then away permanently).

--drink looks tasty. if a bit unhealthy. At times we do vodka tonics (stoli preferred), shot of grenadine, lime.